October 12th News!

Preschool is Here! 

New Preschool options 'Crafty Creations' for ages 4-5 and 'Quiet Time Story Hour' for ages 3-4.  Look under preschool in the subject menu on the left.  Quiet Time Story Hour also available in Spanish!

KIBO Is Back!

Two sections of KIBO Robotics have been added--one in Oct/Nov and one in Jan/Feb.  Students will have KIBO at home for 5 weeks with 10 virtual sessions to learn how to operate and program KIBO.  Listed in Science & Engineering programs.

Registration is now open for Fall 2020.  All Big Learning classes will be taught virtually via Zoom--live--with materials sets delivered to students before the first class.  We have a range of days and times that our classes will be live to fit a variety of schedules including home schooled students.  If you register at least one week before the first class, the materials will be delivered to your home in time for the first class.  If you register after that, delivery may be delayed until after the first class.

Please register for the time slot that best fits your schedule--if we have  a lot of students registered for a specific time, we will split the class into multiple groups to keep the class size around 10-13 students. 


If you already have an account, please make sure to update your child(ren)'s grade level and home school. We will use this information to split classes.

Make sure the primary email address is an email that you, the parent, checks frequently.  The links to the Zoom class will be sent to this address. Because we send so many emails from our system, they sometimes go into your spam folder.  Please mark our emails as safe to prevent this.

We have payment plans available.  Select this option at checkout.

We do have scholarship funds available. If you are a returning family, you know we offer a tiered pricing schedule with the lowest prices offered to students who attend schools with the highest poverty rates.  This fall we will rely on an honor system and provide discount codes below for need based scholarships.  We know some of our families have been severely impacted by business closures as well.  We are relying on families who can afford to pay the full cost of the class to do so.  Those of you who need a price break can select a code from below.  

Science class Need Based Scholarship Codes:

   SETONE    Recommended for students at Title I schools ($59 off)

   SEFOCUS    Recommended for students at Focus Schools ($39 off)

FLES class Need Based Scholarship Codes:

    FLESTONE   Recommended for students at Title I schools (37% off)

    FLESFOCUS    Recommended for students at Focus Schools (25% off)

Unless we have had a specific request to restrict students to a certain home school, all classes will be open to students at any school.  This should enable us to offer more upper level foreign language classes and keep the age bands smaller than we can for in person site-based classes do.   Custom classes for specific pods of students are found under the location 'private'.  Contact us to set up a custom class!

Big Learning staff continue to work remotely from their homes.  Please be patient if you leave us a phone message.  The emails below are checked M-F.

FLES:  [email protected]         Science & Engineering:  [email protected]

Title I schools are schools with very high rates of students receiving FARMs that have been designated to receive federal funding.  Focus schools are the remaining schools that MCPS has designated to receive additional staffing to lower K-2 class sizes.  If you attend another school but need the discount, please use it.