July 2nd News!

Fall 2020:  Like all of you we are waiting for MCPS to announce their plans for fall 2020.  We understand that they are required to do so by August 14, which still leaves uncertainty hanging over the summer.  At this point, we anticipate that Big Learning classes will be taught via Zoom--live--with materials sets delivered to students before the first class.  We are planning to have a range of days and times that our classes will be live to fit a variety of schedules.  We also anticipate posting prerecorded make up lessons on our YouTube channel.  Registration will open on or about August 20th.

In our effort to make  lemonade, we are hopeful that Zoom classes will allow a greater range of intermediate and advanced language level classes.  We are also tweaking our Science journals so students have access to all the poster illustrations right at home.

Spring 2020 Foreign Language:  Our teachers recorded almost 100 lessons to complete the winter session and the entire spring session!  Please contact FLES if you have questions. 

Spring into Science with Solar Energy At-Home Version!

It is not too late to order!  Select Big Learning as your site on the location drop down menu to the left, click on Science & Engineering offerings.  As of 7/2 we have 19 kits remaining. 

If you have ever registered for Big Learning programs, you know that we offer a tiered pricing structure which is based on the rates of students receiving free and reduced lunch at each school and we cover the difference with donations.  Because we know that some of our families have been severely impacted by business closures, we are making three price points available to families, relying on those of you who can pay the full cost of the program to do so and giving a break to those who can't.

If you would like to bring Big Learning to your school for the 2020-2021 school year, send us an email.  We are working now on fall plans.

Big Learning staff are working remotely from their homes.  Please be patient if you leave us a phone message.  The emails below are checked M-F.

FLES:  [email protected]         Science & Engineering:  [email protected]