If you do not see your school listed, contact the Foreign Language: FLES program at: (301) 592-0861 or the Science & Engineering program at (301) 244-5254.

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Returning Customers:

Click CHECKOUT now; at the check out page log in to your account (log in button on upper right of screen). Please click on MY ACCOUNT (at upper right of screen) and take a moment to review your contact information and be sure to update your child's grade, homeroom teacher, medical and contact information for this academic year in both your and your child's profile. If you have additions or corrections, click on edit my account to make the changes.  PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU UPDATE INFO EACH FALL!

First Time Visitors:

Click CHECKOUT now, you will be prompted to create an account.  Fill out all the required information--make sure the contact information you give us will allow us to contact you with any last minute schedule changes or in an emergency.  If you have more than one child to register, click on the link ADD ANOTHER CHILD which appears at the bottom right of the screen. Fill out the information for this child also.  Once you have filled in the required information on both pages, a SAVE button will appear at the bottom of the screen.  Click SAVE to return to the checkout page.  If you need to select another class, click CONTINUE SHOPPING. Otherwise click CHECKOUT to finish registration.