Fall 2019: French Introductory (8 weeks)


Let’s start speaking! A fun introduction to a new language where children learn and practice speaking French with puppets, songs, games, storytelling and hands on activities in a language immersion setting.

Join us for our fall story, The City Mouse and the Country Mouse!


Fall 2019: The City Mouse and the Country Mouse, or La souris de champs et la souris de ville.

Winter 2020: The Little Red Hen, or La petite poule rouge.

Spring 2020: Young Beginner

We encourage full year participation. However, children may choose to participate in just one or more sessions

Each session includes new topics and themes and is appropriate for both brand new and continuing students.

Also, the Introductory program is designed with a two-year curriculum so children can participate in one or more sessions in both Kindergarten and in grade 1.

Grades K-1

No prerequisite


Grade Range: Pre-K - 1


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