Fall 2019: French Introductory (24 weeks)


Let’s start speaking! A fun introduction to a new language where children learn and practice speaking French with puppets, songs, games, storytelling and hands on activities in a language immersion setting.

Join us for our fall story, The City Mouse and the Country Mouse!


Fall 2019: The City Mouse and the Country Mouse, or La souris de champs et la souris de ville.

Winter 2020: The Little Red Hen, or La petite poule rouge.

Note: This is a full year 24-week program comprised of two 12-week sessions.

Also, the Introductory program is designed with a two-year curriculum so children can participate in one or more sessions in both Kindergarten and in grade 1.

Grades K-1

No prerequisite



Grade Range: Pre-K - 1


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