March 27th News:

Big Learning Online is Coming Soon!

Foreign Language classes will resume remotely on or about April 6th!  Our instructors are working now to record lessons to post on YouTube.  Each lesson topic will consist of two or three 8-10 minute videos designed to introduce new vocabulary, provide drills and reviews, and encourage your child to participate using their own toys as props.  

You can prepare by looking in your child's backpack for their language folder and workbook.  The students will use this workbook with their lessons.  Each class level will have its own lessons.  While our in-person language classes are almost entirely immersion based, each video will have a short message in English to parents and the students letting then know what items they may want to collect to use during the video.  (Eg, crayons, stuffed animals, items to count, toys or blocks of various colors, etc.)  These will be simple things that you will likely have at home.

Spring into Science with Solar Energy At-Home Version!

Spring Science remote session will begin on or about April 15th! Our staff is working now to pack materials into single student kits.  We will distribute these material kits at 'Drive through' pick-up sites.  Each kit will have materials for 16 science activities, including a workbook with instructions, background information on the topic, links to other reference sites, pages for recording data, and the links to the YouTube video to accompany each activity.

Specifics will be emailed to preregistered students separately.  Additional kits will be available for purchase soon.  The activities represent a sampling from our entire solar energy curriculum of the activities that children are most like to be able to assemble without too much assistance from parents. Because this spring's topic is SOLAR ENERGY, many activities require sunlight and might perform better at home mid-day than they would have after school at 4:00 pm! Note that these activities will be drawn from all grade level curriculum so younger students might require a bit more hands-on help.  The workbook will list items that are needed from home for each lesson.  These will be basic items such as scissors, crayons, water, containers or pans, sunscreen, flashlights, timer, etc. 

Big Learning staff are working remotely from their homes.  Please be patient if you leave us a phone message.  The emails below are checked M-F.

If you would like to bring Big Learning to your school for the 2020-2021 school year, send us an email. 

We begin working on our fall schedule in late May.

FLES:  [email protected]         Science & Engineering:  [email protected]